Do you wish for your swimming pool to become an aquatic paradise for you in the summers? Do you want to have a pool where you can dive in and forget the summer heat bothering you? If yes, then we are the people to get in touch with. We are offering professionally managed swimming pool cleaning services along with swimming pool repair and equipment supply in Karachi Pakistan. With years of experience in pool installation, pool repair, and pool maintenance. We know just the trick to make your pool look welcoming and clean.

We are offering a full range of chemical supplies for pool cleaning services, pool accessories, and pool construction apart from installation and repair. Our professional staff members have years of experience in installing swimming pools in different parts of Pakistan and not just one city. We constantly evolve with the new technology in the market and provide all our customers with the latest pool services. 

What Services Blue Lagoon Pool Offer?

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Installation

Pool Cleaning Chemical Supply

Swimming Pool Construction

Water Fountain Installation

Swimming Pool Accessories

Service Areas Blue Lagoon Pool Serve

swimming pool installation, repair in karachi

Whether it is installing custom-designed pools or regular pools, we know how to get the job done to perfection. Not only do we provide pool installation services, but we also provide pool repair and maintenance services. Our trained professionals are well apt when it comes to providing quality residential pool cleaning services and other related services. All you need to do is call us and we will come and start with a quotation for the project.

When it comes to catering to largescale commercial pools, we are just the right people for the job. With years of professional experience in pool installation, repair, and maintenance of small to large commercial pools, we can provide you with exactly what you need and that too within a short time span. We also take pool cleaning projects and use the latest technology to clean your pools so that they will look welcoming to your customers.

What to design and build a pool? We have some of the best designers at hand who can help design your pool and we can take you through the whole construction process as well! We can help you design and build a pool that meets your unique specifications

Swimming Pool Repair & Equipments Install

We have a variety of services when it comes to swimming pools. Here are some of the services we offer.

Swimming pool floors and walls can often get damaged due to being submerged in water for a long time or due to other reasons like fungus growing on the sides or color fading of the tile. Our team of experts can come and repair your swimming pools in no time and make them look good as new with their expert skills.

Pool renovation requires a lot of care and detail and we have been doing it for various customers with great precision and care. Keeping in mind the aesthetics of your pool, we also give you great pool renovation ideas that will enhance the look of your pool.

If your pool requires any kind of equipment installation, we can help you with that as well. From sand filters, heating and cooling equipment, filtration pumps to cleaners and things like pools slides and underwater pool lights, we can install them all!

We install various kinds of interior pool surfaces. However, our personal recommendations to our customers are plaster quartz and pebble.

We pressure wash your pools in such a way that all the dirt comes off the walls and floors. Moreover, we also have special acids for the acid wash that do not harm the interior of the pool and clean it as well.

You no longer have to take care of the tedious job of pool cleaning because we are here to help. We offer the best pool cleaning services in Pakistan with the latest technology and efficient staff.

We Understand Your Requirements

As a pool installation and maintenance company, we at Blue Lagoon Pool understand the needs of our customers and provide services accordingly. Though swimming pools may look the same from the outside, there are many differences in their functions from the inside for example their water foundation, filters, and drainage systems.

Committed to Excellency & Quality

For many people, pool maintaining is just a necessary task. But to us, it’s a passion. Yes, each and every one of our pool technicians are here because we are all dedicated and enthusiastic about the process of maintaining

All The Pool Caring You Need In One Place.

We understand the importance of having a well-maintained swimming pool simply because it is our scope of study. Maintaining a pool means carrying responsibility of your hygiene, which is why we take it very seriously.

Deliver On Time

We are known for delivering our services on time. You can trust us when we tell you that we will get a job like pool repair or pool cleaning done within a certain time frame. This makes our services reliable and worth the money.

No Hidden Costs

Companies often charge their customers with hidden costs. With us, you can be sure of not having to pay any hidden costs. We will give you a fixed quotation and won’t charge you an extra penny as hidden charges.


swimming pool installation, repair in karachi
Professional Staff

Our technicians are fully certified, qualified and trained, working only with professional equipment.

swimming pool installation, repair in karachi
Full Service

Our services include pool construction, cleaning,  pump and light repairing,  cover installation and water replacement.


swimming pool installation, repair in karachi

Our company is  Municipality approved, and we comply with all the Municipality standards and regulations.


swimming pool installation, repair in karachi
Water Testing

At each visit our team checks the pH and chlorine content of the water, and adjusts the quantity of the added chlorine accordingly.


swimming pool installation, repair in karachi
Affordable Prices

Our prices are reasonable compared to the market. With service contract, we provide additional discounts as well.


All The Pool Caring You Need In One Place.

Satisfying our clients is our method of professionalism.

Swimming Pools Cleaned
Loyal Customers
Pools Built
Team Members

Our Valued Customer's Feedback

Hounain MalikHounain Malik
13:17 04 Feb 22
Got my swimming pool’s general maintenance and motor repairs done and i have to say that im extremely impressed by their services!
Soft WebSoft Web
14:28 30 Nov 21
Blue Lagoon pool is the best I had experience with them. The service was good and satisfaction on time reply and response and done good job.
Muhammad AyubMuhammad Ayub
11:12 30 Nov 21
I found blue lagoon pool guys professionals they know exactly what they are doing , what good about pool guys after finishing the job they clean all the maintenance area and keep the site tidy. Good job guys

About Our Swimming Pool Related Services

Our number one priority is to provide a safe, healthy and clean swimming pool environment for our clients. We provide A-Z solutions for your pool problems, regardless of the size of the issue.

Our swimming pool related services include:

  • Swimming pool construction
  • Pump and lights repairing
  • Pool draining and water replacement
  • Regular swimming pool cleaning
  • Swimming pool cover installation
  • Swimming pool fence installation
swimming pool installation, repair in karachi

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