Pool deck sealing is utilized to protect and maintain the integrity of the underlying material. Over time, stone tile or deck sealing can break down, leaving your deck unprotected. We can re-seal your deck to insure that it has the protection it needs. Sealants protect your pool deck against weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealants also give your decking material an attractive sheen, make clean-up easier and in many instances, provide greater traction (an important consideration around the pool).

Harsh chemicals, pooling water, exposure to the elements, and daily foot traffic can undermine the integrity of your deck sealing, which can lead to pitting, cracking and peeling. To avoid costly damage to your pool decking, we recommend that you clean and re-seal your decking on a regular basis. The trained staff a we can evaluate the integrity of your pool deck’s seal and offer recommendations regarding its proper care. Re-sealing your deck can help extend wear, improve traction, and enhance the appearance of your pool area.

Stone Paver Sealing

Extending the beauty and lifespan of outdoor hardscapes may require applying a sealer to concrete pavers around your pool deck area. It’s generally recommended to wait 1 year after paver installation before applying a sealer, in order to allow the naturally-occurring, white, dusty-looking build up (known as efflorescence) to escape from the paving stones. Pavers can be resealed periodically to maintain the high quality of the materials long term. Generally, sealers should be reapplied every 2-3 years in most areas of the country.